Basic Education

- Math
- Reading
- Writing
- Sign Language

Computer Education

The use of popular software programs:

- Word
- Excel
- PowerPoint
- Outlook
- Data entry


- Character building
- Maintaining positive behaviors
- Positive support
- Group interaction with other positive clients

Self Care Education

- Daily grooming needs
- Dressing for the weather
- Dressing to impress

Community volunteering

- Meals on Wheels
- Red Cross

Mobility Training / Safety Awareness

Mobility training is meant to aid people in developing the confidence necessary to travel independently.

LCB Art Education

Art is used as a form of expression and relaxation for many of our clients. The time that is put aside for our clients to create their own artwork is an important aspect, because they do not need words to show what they feel; whether it be anger, sadness, joy, or goals they have.

Developmental Benefits of Art

Motor Skills: Many of the motions involved in making art, such as scribbling with a crayon or holding a paintbrush, are essential to the growth of fine motor skills.

Language Development: For some clients making art—or just talking about it—provides opportunities to learn words for shapes, actions and colors.

Visual Learning: Sculpting clay, drawing, and threading beads on a string all develop visual-spatial skills for many non-verbal clients.

Educational Trips

Our educational trips are a rewarding experience for both our clients and staff, because it is a break in the routine for both the clients and staff. While their purpose is essentially to educate, they can also be a fun bonding experience for everyone involved.

The trip can reinforce what each staff member has been instructing during the week about a subject and help clients understand the topic better. Staff members turn trips into mobile classrooms, instructing clients to collect data, then quizzing them or assigning a project based on what they learned during the outing. Taking students into a new environment gives them the experience of traveling in a group and teaches them to be respectful of the locations they visit. Clients get to visit a place to which they have never been before. Clients who go on Educational trips find that they want to learn more about the subjects on which the trip focused.

The type of memories that Educational trips create, called “episodic memories,” helps everyone retain information for longer periods.


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